Snuza Hero Baby Movement Monitor

The Snuza Hero Baby Movement Monitor

There are many different available baby monitors to choose from, marketed to ease new parental anxieties and combat sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS.)

Devices that monitor your child’s breathing movements in the abdomen and chest, letting you know if your baby stops all movement for 15 seconds. When this happens an alarm sounds waking the child to prompt breathing, with a next step of alerting the parent.

Do I Need It?

These types of monitors help in general with the impossible task of constant supervision, allowing exhausted parents a better nights’ sleep with fewer nervous check-ins.

What Makes the Hero Better?

  • Snuza Hero SE Movement MonitorThe Hero differs by offering mobility with its’ cordless design, requiring no electricity. There is a battery indicator light to give you plenty of notice when a battery is nearing depletion.
  • Unlike many traditional under the mattress monitors, special pads or built-in mattresses, this one can be taken anywhere and clipped easily onto the infant’s diaper.
  • Once it is clipped on and activated it begins monitoring movement and if it finds any issues it emits a vibrating stimulus to safely rouse the baby. If the vibration isn’t effective after 5 seconds sensing movement then the Hero alerts you with an alarm.
  • The Snuza Hero is small in size, easy to take anywhere and simply clips onto a diaper. The monitor you keep with you is also very portable and easy to use.

How Hero Saves The Day… or Night…zzzz

  • The first step – so you clipped it to the diaper and now you want to make sure it’s actually on. An easy clicker sound will assure you of that with audible confirmation. Phew.
  • Now you can sit back and watch the monitor with movement-rate indicator lights that let you know of any infrequent or poor movement.
  • If such a thing occurs, the device will vibrate to rouse baby and encourage movement.
  • If after 20 seconds, with three unsuccessful vibrate attempts and no resulting movement an alarm will sound.

How To Avoid False Alarms

Whoops, crisis averted. Breathe. To avoid some common Snuza false alarm causes read on…

  • Ensure the Hero is clipped firmly on the folded waistband, this means a correctly sized diaper that isn’t too loose preventing contact with the device.
  • Be sure the sensor tip is directly contacting your baby’s skin around the tummy area and is of course ON

Portable But….

Though the Hero is easy to take on the go with its’ cordless design, keep in mind the monitor is built to detect even the slightest movement. External movements are not exempt from this, so when driving, pushing in a stroller and so on the Hero should not be relied on until the baby is somewhere stationary.

The Hero Behind Snuza Hero

Founder Greg Gallagher, a former developer of military technology, conceptualized the Snuza Hero. The idea came to him for an effective, portable at home breathing and movement monitor after observing nurses in the NICU.

He watched the nurses rushing up to babies who had stopped breathing – alerted by a hospital alarm and observed them coaxing the babies back to regular breathing from mild tactile stimulation such as tickling their feet.

He wanted the same alarm technology to be available to parents at home. His vision to improve the lives of parents and give them back a little sleep and peace of mind came to fruition.

At The End Of The Day…

The first year of a child’s life can be so critical, especially during sleep when a child is vulnerable and alone, unable to communicate. That’s where the Snuza Hero comes into play.

This technology can be priceless for new parents. Imagine waking nervously in the night, looking over at the blinking light on the Hero device and breathing a sigh of relief enjoying the assurance that everything is ok, allowing everyone involved to get a better nights’ sleep.

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