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Spring vs Memory Foam Mattresses

I’ve had enough! My neck hurts, my back hurts, and I’m exhausted all the time. My mattress has a crater where I sleep: a divot as wide and as long as my body. Years of sleeping in the same positions on the same mattress. So much for spending two-thirds of my life asleep. I can say one thing from experience; a bad mattress equals a miserable life.

Those were my exact words last Thursday morning. The same words which finally sent me looking for a new mattress. So I started my trusty SUV and embarked on a journey to find a new mattress. What I didn’t realize at the time, it’s not as easy as going to the store and buying one.

The Spring Mattress

The spring mattress, historically cheaper than memory foam, works by pushing back against your own weight. However much weight is applied is pushed back by the springs. Meaning your limbs won’t get the same level of support as the heavier parts of your body. They’re not great for those of us who suffer from aches and pains.

But there is a plus with a spring mattress. You don’t have to wait for the mattress to form to your body. But keep in mind a spring mattress will lose close to one-quarter of its support within the first year. You’ll be hard pressed to find a mattress with more than a ten-year warranty.

The Memory Foam Mattress

This type of mattress works similar to a spring. However, the foam resembles millions of tiny springs instead of the 600 – 1,000 found in a typical spring mattress. Each foam pocket supports your body by pushing back against the weight placed on it. But the sheer numbers offers the support your body needs for deep sleep.

Even though memory foam costs more, I can justify the cost by improved productivity. My reasoning is simple: If I’m more productive during the day, I can work efficiently, which in turn improves my output.

The bottom line, I sleep better for longer.

The Best Choice

For me, choosing the best mattress came down to understanding the needs of my body. Years of playing sports brought with it the aches and pains of aging earlier than for most. To me, sleep is a sacred activity allowing recovery and relaxation. But for the last three years it’s been a nightmare. No matter how I look at it, procrastinating turns out bad. And toying around with something as important as sleep is never a good idea.

If you’re in need of a new mattress, take note of everything from your pocketbook to the types of aches and pains you have in the mornings. Don’t take sleep lightly. And don’t delay in buying a new mattress if you need one.

A new mattress, spring or foam, will prove better than sleeping on an old and tired mattress. With a new mattress, you won’t be forced to roll around all night like a rotisserie chicken.