Stay Safe While Jogging with Your Baby

Congratulations! You’ve decided to take the plunge and get back into running, and you’re investing in a stroller so you and baby can hit the road together! You’re sure to have countless hours of great exercise and fun ahead of you, but you want to be safe while you’re out there. Below are some tips for preventing problems while jogging with your little one.

Perfect Timing

Be sure your baby is at least 6 months old, or can hold up his head well, before considering pushing him in a stroller while you run. Since you’ll likely be using a true jogging stroller, you can also find some models that accommodate a car seat, which helps stabilize your child’s head and neck as you bounce over uneven surfaces. Your stroller should have a sling seat, 3 pneumatic (air-filled) wheels, a long wheelbase, and possibly reflectors for night jogging. We also recommend a stroller with a hand or foot brake, and at least a parking brake for whenever you stop. Be sure your jogger has good shock absorption for your little one, and the stability offered by a locking front wheel.

Keep an Eye Out

As you breeze through your running route, be vigilant about watching the environment around you. Cars sometimes can’t see the low profile of a jogging stroller, and you’ll need to slow down or stop for them at intersections. Check for water or spills on the path, any air pollution, and the angle of the sun to keep yourself and your kiddo safe from harm. And please don’t wear headphones! You’ll want to hear everything, including traffic or the sound of your baby fussing.

Whatever the Weather May Be

Because your baby or toddler won’t be running, he or she needs to be dressed for inactivity in whatever weather conditions are present as you head out the door. Sunglasses, proper footwear, and heavier coats when necessary can mean the difference between a happy jog and a bit of misery. Some strollers come with (or you can purchase separately) a rain shield, keeping baby dry in wetter weather.

When to Go?

It might seem that there’s never a good time to bundle up your little cherub for a quick (or long!) run, but usually you can time it so that it works well for both of you. Is your baby hungry? Wait until after mealtime. Is your toddler ready for a nap? Maybe a longer route will be good today, and she’ll take her snooze while you make your way around the park or city. If your child is happy and awake, he might like to have some toys along, but be sure to strap them to the stroller so they don’t go flying out, causing you to have to stop every 2 minutes!

Jogging with baby can be fun and fulfilling for both of you, any time of year! Keep our tips in mind and you’ll have a safe, enjoyable time whenever you venture out.