Stroller Safety- Tips for Parents

When buying a stroller we know that safety is your number one concern Yes, you may want something that looks nice, is easy to carry or has all the latest accessories, but in the end you want to know that your child is safe. It’s normal to be concerned about your purchase and you should be well informed before you make one. Of course, it’s even more important after you do buy one to know exactly what behaviors you need to avoid and which ones you need to never forget to do.

Tip Number One: Pay Attention to Your Brakes

Before purchasing a stroller you will want to check the brakes to ensure that they are easy to lock into place and not a hassle to unlock when you’re ready to go again. If you live in an area with many inclines you will want to look into disc brakes as they are considered the most reliable. We recommend searching for models where the lever to unlock the breaks is nowhere near the children, so when they get older they can’t unlock the wheels themselves. After you have made your purchase, to ensure the safety of your kids, it is absolutely necessary to lock the brakes every time you step away from the carriage.

Tip Number Two: Check that Harness

A secure harness is absolutely essential for your children’s safety. It’s not realistic to assume that you will be able to give them your undivided attention while you’re out and about. You want a harness that will prevent your little ones from falling out when you take a sharp turn or go up steep inclines. Likewise, you want to prevent them from simply tipping over.

In case of an emergency you will want to ensure that the clips on your harness are secure, but that the buckles are easy to undo. Before you hit the pavement, double check that the harness doesn’t have any tears or imperfections. When it comes to your children’s harness you don’t want to take any chances.

Tip Number Three: Ensure stability

Far too often prams fall over because a parent was unaware that it was unstable. Before you place your little ones in the stroller and head out the door you need to check weight restrictions. If these are exceeded it is not safe to use. You should double check that the wheels on the stroller are secured. A wobbly wheel is not only distracting, it’s dangerous.

Tip Number Four: The Footrest is Important

When it comes to double strollers, parents need check that the footrest on the bottom goes along the entire front end. Avoid strollers that have two separate footrests, as children can get their feet and legs caught easily. If you already have a stroller that has individual footrests, then it’s best to be aware of the risk and keep an extra eye on your children.

Getting a new stroller and going through the process of wearing it in can be extremely exciting. Before you go out there and test it out though, do your best to educate yourself on the best ways to keep your children safe. We hope that this article helps you do just that.