The Benefits of Blow Drying Your Hair

Hair maintenance requires patience and a lot of work, yet it’s one of our body parts that speak volume about our grooming and appearance. At one point of your life you must have been caught up in the debate on whether to blow dry or just air dry your hair. As long as you learn to take care of your hair properly, you will find the so much convenience in blow drying. Start with the basics such as proper hair treatment; give your hair some time to dry on its own up to 70 to 80%, and then blow dry it.

Styling made easy

It is easier to style blow-dried hair compared to an air-dried one. Once you get the hang of suitably using the dryer there are many styles you can try on your hair. Whether you want pull off the quiff, the pompadour or the undercut, blow drying will let you play around with the hair as you like. You can have different hairstyles without leaving your house.

Good length for your hair

You can achieve more hair volume when blow drying your hair, especially for people with fine hair. All you need to do to gain this volume is to dry the hair from the root upwards. Most people with extremely long hair find a blow dryer one of the most convenient tools for hair maintenance. With it, you can straighten the hair from the roots, giving it an extra length. Try this by drying with the part on one side, and then turn over the hair on the other side to reach the very end.

Time and money saving

It’s highly unlikely that you have all the time to pass by your salon every morning, or a couple of times a week. Blow drying makes hair styling and management cost-effective and easy. The styles also last throughout the day. It also dries your hair faster compared to air drying, leaving you with ample time to do other things. If you need to visit the salon every time you need to style the hair, it would be very costly. Blow drying helps you do away with some of these costs.

Safe and protective

According to a recent study by a Hair Group Medical Club in Toronto, using a blow dryer at the right distance and allowable temperature can actually cause less damage compared to air drying. The trick here is to use the right products for your hair and know the right way to protect it. Remember to choose the right comb for blow drying as well. Actually, using the right comb will get rid of dry and thick curls that cause significant hair loss.

Blow drying makes the styling and management of your hair very easy and lasts throughout the day. All you need to do is muster a few techniques, and voila, you can experiment with different styles. You will also notice that the length and volume of your hair improves significantly after blow drying.