The Best Flat Iron for Fine Hair

I absolutely love my Vokai Labs ceramic flat iron straightener and curler! My hair is extremely long and fine. I have had a very difficult time finding straight irons for my hair type. All the other straighteners I have used in the past have ravaged my hair, making it feel like straw. Even though my hair is fine, I have a lot of unruly waves, particularly close to my neck. Summer fly-a-ways are a nightmare for me! I recently purchased this flat iron and my results are nothing less than amazing.

Before I purchased this flat iron, I asked some friends what their experience was with different types. My best friend emailed me a few videos pertaining to this flat iron. I was a bit apprehensive because when I usually watch a video on a hair tool, it’s a beautiful model whose hair was never frizzy a day in their life. Although, I was pleasantly surprised that the videos contain real women with the same hair issues that I have. I was shocked when I saw how shiny their hair was after using it and it only took minutes.

My sister had a wedding over the summer and I wanted to look my best so I purchased the Vokai flat iron. Initially, I just wanted my hair to be straight but then I discovered I could make my hair beautifully wavy. I had a chance to experiment with the straight iron a week before her wedding and I came up with so many amazing hairstyles. It was hard to choose the best and I ended up going with a sleek straight style with outward waves at the bottom. What surprised me the most is the straightener made my hair look like I had a professional conditioning treatment done in an instant. My hair was so shiny and it didn’t feel like straw as past straighteners have.

Some of the things I like best about the flat iron is the many different hairstyles that can be created with this tool. It is amazing that I can create classic styles for work, trendy hair for the clubs, and beautiful styles for formal events. I absolutely love the automatic shut off on this flat iron because I am notoriously bad about leaving my flat irons plugged in. I have melted my bathroom countertop with a flat iron in the past and my boyfriend was not happy.

I also wanted to share my experience using this flat iron on my cousin’s hair. She is only eight years old and she has such shiny beautiful hair. Normally, I would be concerned about using heat on her beautiful hair but I had such great results she convinced me to give it a try. I never thought her hair could get any shinier or more beautiful but it did. I added some curls to the layering towards her face and she looked like a mini Pantene Pro V model. It is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!