The Best Mini Flat Irons

If you travel frequently, or just want a small hair iron, then have a look at this MHU Professional Mini Flat Iron.

Being only 6.8 inches long with  ½ inch plates it will easily fit into a tight spot. It is lightweight and has a non-slip grip. It’s small enough to work with very short, fine hair and could even be easily used for children’s hair. In fact, it would be a great first hair straightener for a pre-teen to be used under adult supervision.

It has the technology behind it to do the job.

This flat iron is made of ceramic tourmaline which is rated very highly when it comes to hair straighteners. Ceramic by itself has been proven to be great and it heats up evenly. When it is also infused with the mineral tourmaline it helps to lock in the hair’s natural oils, which mean you are helping the condition of your hair. The ceramic plates also use infrared heating which minimizes heat damage to your tresses and removes static. The effect of this should be softer, smoother, shinier hair with no frizzies and flyaway strands. If your hair is fine, a ceramic iron is the best choice.

This flat iron also has floating plates, which means that they move just enough to accommodate the angle the iron is being used at. This flexibility in the plates will give you a better grip on your hair without pulling tiny pieces.

It has Professional Tourmaline Ceramic heat technology which means it has instant heat up and heat recovery. The maximum temperature is 356F which is a great feature to protect the health of hair. The heat is not adjustable, which is a common factor with most mini flat irons.

This mini flat iron has a cord length of 1.8 metres which is long enough to use with ease, but not too long to store in a small spot or pack into your bag. Dual voltage of 110-240v is included so the mini iron is usable whenever and wherever you decide to travel in the world.

It also comes with a one year replacement and two year warranty.

No travel pouch included

Unfortunately, there is no travel pouch included, but because of its size, you could easily slip it into a sock for safe keeping before storing it or putting it into your make-up bag or purse.

Another small problem is that there is no automatic shut-off. Although the temperature is regulated on it, you would need to remember to shut it off after each use.

The perfect travel companion

This MHU mini flat iron is a sure bet when you have to travel. It is so easy and convenient to use it could be kept in your purse if your hair needs quick touch-ups throughout the day. It could also be used on a regular basis whether you are travelling or staying at home!

Other Possible Choices

1st Runner Up – The Wazor Mini Flat Iron

This flat iron comes in a pretty purple shade! It is 7 inches long with ½ inch plates, and has a 1.6 metre cord. This straightener has the same great technology as the MHU flat iron including the ceramic tourmaline; the Professional Tourmaline Ceramic heating; and the floating, ceramic plates. It has a maximum temperature of 356F as well.

It has dual voltage but again, no automatic shut off. There is no travel pouch included with this iron. A one year replacement and two year warranty is also included. This iron is quite similar to the MHU flat iron, and would be a great choice as well.

2nd Runner Up – The BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron

Similar in size to the MHU mini flat iron. It may be a bit lighter though, because of the nano titanium plates.These nano titanium plates warm up very quickly and have intense heat. This iron heats up to 430F, but the temperature is not adjustable. You may be able to turn it off before you’re finished straightening your hair and still have enough heat to finish the job. This will straighten and smooth out your locks in no time. It may be a good choice if you have thick or coarse hair; however it is not a great choice for fine hair. It may not be suitable for everyday use because of the intense heat.

This travel iron has dual voltage as well. Unfortunately, it has no automatic shut off and there is no pouch. It does have a manufacturer’s warranty that can be perused before purchasing. All in all, it’s still a handy little iron.

3rd Runner Up – VAV (Vivid & Vogue) Mini Hair Straightener!

This iron is lightweight and is 5.9 inches long with ½ inch ceramic plates. It may be a bit too tiny if you have large hands. It has the Tourmaline Ceramic technology as well as the MHU iron. It has a maximum temperature of 356F which is non-adjustable. It does not have a travel pouch but it does come in a great little box for handy storage.

Dual voltage is included but there is no automatic shut off. It does have an on/off switch with an LED indicator. Unfortunately, this switch is on the inside of the straightener so it may be easier just to unplug it. The power cord is 1.6 metres in length. There is a one year replacement and two year warranty included. This little straightener would still be a good choice.

Best Value

All of these mini flat irons would be convenient and simple to use depending on your personal hair needs. The beauty of them is that they can be used anywhere! The MHU Professional Mini Flat Iron not only has the Tourmaline Ceramic technology behind it but it comes in the perfect size as well.

It is small, but not so small that it is hard to manipulate. The non-slip grip is a big plus as well as the cord length. It has a warranty to back it up. This little iron simply has the best features and would definitely be the most economical choice.