The Best Professional Flat Iron

Achieve a hairstyle that looks like you just walked out of the salon when you use expert equipment from the professionals. Many professional flat iron tools easily work their way through the hair to straighten all of it at once. You just need to find a styling tool that works best for you. The right flat iron is versatile and unique. The added features should allow for simple and fun styling that makes the hairstyle all your own. The HSI Professional straightener is one of the best options thanks to its great value and multiple helpful features.

Best Value – HSI Flat Iron

The ceramic flat iron from HSI offers the best value of all options. It comes in a package with other items, including; a traveling bag, a user instruction manual, and a heat glove for holding the iron so your hand does not get overheated during use. The heat glove is an important addition that many straighteners fail to include, which makes this tool worthwhile.

Key Features

  • There are many helpful features included with the HSI professional flat iron, including:
  • An Adjustable Temperature – Adjust the iron’s temperature between 240 degrees and 400 degrees. This allows you to work on any hair thickness.
  • Wide Plates – The iron’s plates are wide at one full inch. This width is ideal for accommodating any hair type.
  • Long Power Cord – The power cord is incredibly long at 7 feet. The cord’s length allows you to style your hair in any room.
  • Swivel Cord – The power cord also offers a swivel feature. This allows you to style your hair without the cord twisting and causing problems.

Many Benefits

The HSI Professional straightener has many benefits. This styling tool allows you to straighten, curl, and flip your any way you choose. The straightener also works on hair belonging to any nationality.  African-American hair that is often thick, nappy and hard to manage can even be straightened completely with the professional HSI tool. The ceramic plates leave the hair shiny and smooth after you run each strand between them. There is also dual voltage compatibility that makes this a great iron to take while you travel. You can use the tool anywhere in the world without complications.

A Few Downsides

There are only a few small downsides of the flat iron from HSI Professional. The edges of the plates make it easy for hair to catch and pull. This hurts if you are not careful. You have to straighten the hair slowly so it does not catch on the edges. The straightener can also die out quickly with frequent use.  It is best to only use the tool occasionally on your hair. This professional styling tool is the affordable iron you need to get your hair into shape.

2nd Runner Up – BaByliss PRO Straightening Iron

The BaByliss PRO is a pro at turning frizzy, curly hair into a straight and sleek, shiny ‘do. The porcelain ceramic technology ensures heat evenly gets distributed for efficient heating and styling over the entire head of hair. It heats up instantly, allowing you to style your hair fast.

Pros & Cons

  • Commercial-grade ceramic offers a smooth finish on the iron’s inner plates.
  • The BaByliss name is a world leader in styling tools.
  • Infrared heat protects the luster of hair.
  • The hair could experience damage after regular use of a straightener. It is best to use the tool sparingly.
  • The paint sometimes chips off after long-term use.

This pro option works well for turning curly hair sleek and shiny smooth.

3rd Runner Up – The Pro-Satin Straightener By Xtava

The Xtava Pro-Satin straightener offers a professional flat ironing experience. The ceramic plates help your hair gain a salon-worthy shine. Less damage happens to the hair follicles thanks to the advanced infrared technology the straightener possesses. There is also an extra wide plate that helps more hair get straightened at once. The width of the plates results in an even amount of smoothness all around.

Pros & Cons

  • The flat iron only takes 90 seconds to heat up.
  • The cord swivels for easy use.
  • The cord is 8 feet long.
  • The iron maintains even heat thanks to the dual plate technology and two-inch floating plate.
  • The main con is the button placement. They are in an odd place on the straightener that can sometimes make you bump them accidentally during use.

This pro straightener by Xtava is a top choice.

4th Runner Up – Vokai Labs Flat Iron

The ceramic flat iron from Vokai labs takes every strand and makes it frizz-free. Every single strand of hair is left silky and smooth thanks to the ceramic plates. The even heat distribution within this straightener produces an all-over straightened shine.

Pros & Cons

  • There is a 5-level digital control.
  • The iron includes LED indicator lights.
  • All hair types get styled correctly thanks to the multiple temperature settings.
  • There is an auto-shutoff option that is optional to use.
  • Negative ions within the iron’s technology penetrate the locks and offer maximum shine.
  • The edges of the plates sometimes pull at the hair.
  • You have to adjust the temperature multiple times before finding the right level.

The Vokai Labs flat iron offers professional-quality hair styling.

The flat iron from HSI Professional offers the best value of all.

It is affordable and backed by thousands of customer reviews. Countless others have gotten to experience all the included features. This straightener goes above and beyond the rest with its ability to work on fine or coarse hair. It also has advanced infrared heat technology and a 360-degree swivel. The straightener comes with argan oil hair treatment that provides even more shine.

It even lets you flip or curl your hair. Straightening is not the only option either. The iron allows a number of styling choices for enhanced versatility. Your hair becomes shiny and smooth no matter how you style it. All these features and more make the HSI Professional the best professional flat iron buying choice.