The Best Professional Hair Dryer

If you are a professional hair stylist and are in the market for a new blow dryer, then you are in the right place. Whether you are looking for a hair dryer to use at work or for your own personal use, these options are the best of the best. Each of these blow dryers offer elite performance and have high quality features. To get right to the point – these blow dryers will change your hair drying experience.

The Number One Professional Hair Dryer

At the top of the list is the Sedu Revolution Lite. This hair dryer meets professional standards with its compact design and powerful drying ability. Do not underestimate this model because of its size, you will find that it will out perform many larger hair dryers.


  • This blow dryer is extremely light weight for less strenuous use.
  • The size and shape of this compact model allow you to store it very easily without taking up much room.
  • You can use this hair dryer all day with confidence, because the Revolution Lite has the endurance to keep up with you.
  • Sedu uses the latest technologies for hair dryers that you expect from a professional hair dryer.
  • You can choose between 6 different control options for fan speed and heat settings.
  • This model has a long cord (9 feet) for better mobility.
  • Sedu’s Revolution Lite has the much needed and appreciated cool shot button.
  • You also get two concentrator tip attachments.

What makes Sedu’s Revolution Lite the best hair dryer?

The Revolution Lite by Sedu will show you why it is the best the very first time you use it.

  • This little hair dryer can dry hair in an impressive amount of time. If you are a professional hair stylist this will get you through each appointment faster and leave more time for more customers.
  • Your customers hair (or your own) will be left feeling better than before it was dried. The technology and materials used in this hair dryer are specifically chosen for hair health and efficient results.
  • The lack of weight and easy to hold handle offer easier use. You no longer have to deal with tired arms, or worry about your hair dryer slipping out of your hand.
  • With this hair dryer you do not have to take up very much space in your vanity area.

How Sedu Could Be Even Better

This product does not really need to change anything, but if Sedu wanted to spoil everyone they could make a few changes.

  • They could add even more heating and speed settings.
  • Providing a diffuser tip would be nice.
  • Offering this hair dryer in more colors would make this dryer seem less commercial.
  • If there was a better way to clean the exhaust side of the dryer, that would be great.

Other Great Professional Hair Dryers

Second in line

Coming in a closely behind the Sedu model, the 1907 from Fromm is the next best thing. This easy to use hair dryer has different features that give you more options for better styling.

The Good

  • This hair dryer has balanced weight for better control.
  • There are several heat and speed settings, including the cold shot button.
  • You can dry hair quickly without damaging effects with the 1907.
  • Optional ion generator settings give you soft and sleek without dreaded frizz.
  • Fromm gives you a diffuser and a concentrator tip with this hair dryer, plus a travel bag to make it portable.
  • This model is equipped with an easy to clean filter.

The Bad

  • This hair dryer is a bit on the bulky side.
  • The cord could be longer.
  • There are no color options.

Third Place

Holding third place is the Turbo Power 1500. This rugged red hair dryer can change the way you style hair with its top of the line features.

The Good

  • This blow dryer has a lengthy cord and a handle designed for comfort.
  • With 5 heat options and 2 fan speed settings, you have better control for styling.
  • This hair dryer has a component that does not allow overheating.
  • You can easily clean the exhaust since it has a removable filter.

The Bad

  • You have to purchase any attachments separately.
  • This hair dryer is a standard size, making it take up more space than some alternatives.
  • Although its appearance lets you know it means business, it could look a little more sleek.

Last place

Bringing up the rear is the T-3 Featherweight 2. This hair dryer is a great option for a professional hair stylist, or for someone who wants to bring the a salon-like experience to their home.

The Good

  • This hair dryer has an elegant design.
  • The T-3 will dry hair in around 7 minutes.
  • Using the latest technologies, this model will leave your hair healthier than before you used it. Hair is left shinier, smoother, and with no frizz.
  • This blow dryer has multiple settings, the cool shot button, and has large airflow for more drying ability.

The Bad

  • This model is harder to clean.
  • This blow dryer does not come with any attachments.
  • Although it is called the Featherweight, it is still a little heavier than some other ultra light hair dryers.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that these hair dryers offer a quality that can improve the way your dry hair. Professional hair stylists expect a certain standard to be met with their products, and these hair dryers meet those standards. The Sedu Revolution Lite may even surpass those standards. Try one of these hair dryers and you will be kissing your old hair dryer goodbye. Do you use or plan to use any of these hair dryers? If so, please share your thoughts and experiences. Also, feel free to add any additional information you may have about professional hair dryers.