The Best Rated Jogging Strollers For Your Workout Needs

Getting in your daily workout needs with a baby or toddler in tow can be easy, if you are willing to be creative. Plenty of parents exercise with babies carefully strapped into carriers or find other ways to incorporate their children into their routines.

For runners, jogging strollers can be a life saver. Finding the best rated jogging strollers will enable you to get out and enjoy your surroundings while you go for a jog with your child safely and comfortably tucked in.

The BOB Revolution FLEX jogging stroller is designed ergonomically, so joggers are able to adjust both the height and resistance. This stroller folds down for easy storage, making it an optimal choice for parents living in small urban apartments and large rural homes alike.

Revolution FLEX Stroller Highlights

If you go for runs to get away from it all and forget about your woes, the BOB 2016 Revolution Flex jogging stroller will make it make increasing the length and intensity of your workouts effortless. Featuring a three-wheel design, you can customize the tire pressure by adding or removing air from each polymer wheel. Its plush handlebar can be moved and adjusted to nine different positions using a simple push button system. This lets runners change the position of the handlebar while they are running, so that their wrists and arms always remain comfortable. Whether you run on flat sidewalks or hilly terrain, the BOB Revolution FLEX jogging stroller’s front wheel will move and lock into position as you change directions and maneuver to avoid obstacles.

Making Running With A Baby On Board Easy

A lot of jogging strollers have features that makes running as easy and convenient for parents as possible On the other hand, children also ought to be treated to the same level of comfort security while on board during a run. The BOB Revolution FLEX jogger stroller keeps both infants and older toddlers from being jarred around during even the most intense runs. Featuring a suspension system that absorbs sudden shocks and bumps with ease, your child can happily stay asleep without being disturbed as you run around the neighborhood. Each ride enjoyed by your child with be smooth, stable and essentially shock free. You’ll also be able to carry more than just your child on board if you choose to use the well ventilated storage space that sits on the under side of the stroller.

Notable Drawbacks

Although you can use the BOB Revolution FLEX from the time that you baby is in its infancy all the way up to 75 pounds, this stroller is only built to carry a single occupant. For parents of multiple children, this means that this stroller might not be an ideal option for jogging or transportation. Additionally, parents will need to purchase the compatible car seat if they intend on carrying infants when they run. As small babies require extra safety precautions in order to avoid hiring their delicate necks and heads, you won’t be able to just pick up and go if you don’t have all of the pertinent accessories. These potential drawbacks are most applicable to the parents of infants and multiple children.

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1st Runner Up

The Expedition jogging stroller by Baby Trend is designed for active parents that like to get things done. Weighing a little under 22 pounds, this jogging stroller won’t weight you down when you take baby out for a breath of fresh air. With a spacious storage area directly under the child seat, joggers also have access to two cup holders that can be used to keep hot drinks secure and cold beverages firmly in place. Pull the canopy down to keep your baby shaded from the sun and protected when rainy weather approaches. This stroller makes going up hills, around bends and down streets fun and exciting for busy parents and their inquisitive kids.

2nd Runner Up

Simple and effective, the Evenflo Victory jogger stroller will make you happy to run errands and get out of the house, even if you have small children entertained. Children are secured in this jogging stroller via a shoulder harness, with a seat that can be adjusted for reclining, sitting or sleeping. While the Evenflo Victory jogger stroller works quite well for parents that need a lightweight stroller that can be setup easily, this product is only suitable for carrying a combined weight of 50 pounds. This means that you may be limited in the amount of items that you can take on board while shopping.

3rd Runner Up

When you are ready to go on an adventure with your child, the Baby Trend City Mini GT jogging stroller is always ready for action. Not only does will this jogging stroller win you plenty of compliments from admirers, it will keep you going all day long. You and your children simply will not be able to stay still once you discover how easy it is to twist and turn the Baby Trend City Mini GT jogger stroller in virtually any setting. If you enjoy running at top speeds and want a stroller that will keep distractions and inconvenience to a minimum, this model is great for those that don’t want to stop moving until it is time for bed. The only drawback associated with this jogging stroller is that fact that it only has room for one child.

And the Winner Is

Traditional baby strollers are usually very sturdy and can last many years of use and abuse, but parents can grow weary of carrying bulky models up and down stairs. Jogging strollers were created to help parents maintain active lifestyles without hindering their children’s development.

The Baby Trend City Mini GT jogging stroller is stylish and can be moved around effortlessly, while the Expedition jogger stroller from the same company offers similar features but only holds up to 50 pounds. The Evenflo Victory jogger stroller provides a compact and simple option for parents that want to do a lot with their children present, within a short period of time.

After taking a close look at the various jogging strollers on the market today, the BOB Revolution FLEX jogging stroller is simply the best buy. Featuring an anti-shock system that is so smooth that children stay undisturbed as well as a generous amount of storage space, you can run your best time yet when you take your kids for a long, unpredictable and completely unforgettable ride.