The Best Travel Hair Dryer

To get your hair looking its best it’s essential to use a high quality hair dryer. What do you do when you’re going away on holiday, or if you are away with work? You hair still needs to look great. It’s maybe even more important when you are out and about to feel good about your hair. The one problem is a lot of the best hair dryers can be quite cumbersome, and will take over your suitcase. You could choose to take less clothes or cosmetics, but why should you? Another solution would be to purchase a high quality travel hair dryer. Where to start with which would be the best for your needs? Below, we have a comprehensive look at the best travel hair dryers available, which should be able to inform you and assist your purchase.

Best Value – Babyliss Pro Titanium Travel Hair Dryer

One of the lightest travel hair dryers on the market, this Babyliss Pro product weighs only 10.5 ounces, this makes it ideal for carrying with you wherever you go. What makes this even more accessible for travel is the hair dryers folding handles which make it the most compact travel hair dryer upon the market. If you’re looking for a travel hair dryer which takes up the least room in your luggage, this is a great product, and could be the one for you. Especially when you take into account all the other great aspects Babyliss Pro offer with this Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer. In fact, it’s so great, you won’t realize it’s a travel dryer. It packs just as much of a punch as any household dryer with 1000 watt power offering supreme heat and air pressure. This also means it offers faster hair drying, which if you’re traveling can be a huge bonus when you’re in a rush. It also offers you more time to enjoy yourself, or even lie in before a big, important meeting.

This Babyliss Pro travel hair dryer has a stunning innovation, using Tourmaline Crystals. These crystals only create negative ions when heated which allows the dryers to blow forty per cent more quickly, it also makes the heat gentler on the hair. It does this by reducing static electricity on the hair. Static electricity is known to damage hair and to leave it frizzy, whereas this Babyliss Pro travel hair dryer will leave the hair shining. You won’t even have to take any hair mousse or styling products as the hair dryer will leave your hair with a perfect, smooth shine.

It’s difficult to find downsides with this Tourmaline travel hair dryer from Babyliss, and it’s nitpicking to mention that it doesn’t have cool down button which some other travel hair dryers do have. But, compared to all the great features it does offer that provide anyone who owns this product with great hair wherever they go, it’s a very small price to pay to be without a cool button. In fact, if you need a travel hair dryer for an upcoming trip, for the best looking hair, and the easiest most compact product, you need to look no further

Runner-Up #1 – Andis RC-2 Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer

The Andis RC-2 is another hair dryer with an innovative drying technique, using Ionic technology to dry hair faster. It does this by breaking up water molecules in your hair and therefore sealing hair cuticles, restoring moisture and reducing frizz leaving you with great looking hair. It also offers lots of variety with three different heat and speed settings, allowing you to dry your hair whichever way you like depending on how much time you have. Another innovation for this product is that it has a retractable cord, so instead of wrapping the cord around the product or trying to find a way to squeeze the cord in your luggage you can easily store the Andis RC-2 because the cord will be stored within the drier when not in use.

There is a downside to the product, as it weighs 1.6 lbs it is a little bit heavy, you may feel it weigh down your bag. Also, the size of the product is quite large. In fact, the size of it is quite similar to a regular hair dryer, maybe a little bit smaller, but it may make you consider if this is worth purchasing as a travel hair dryer. It’s definitely a quality hair dryer worth considering though.

Runner-Up #2 – Revlon Ionic Pink Travel Hair Dryer

Not to be left out Revlon have their own Travel hair dryer which uses Ionic technology to reduce frizz. IT has folding handles and two heat settings and a cold shot button for a blast of cold air whilst drying. The big turn on or off for this product is its design as it comes in striking hot pink which will stand out wherever you are. As you’d usually be drying your hair  in your room this’ll be OK if you’re shy about the bright dayglo color, but if you aren’t a fan of this in your face color it might be best to look elsewhere.

Runner-Up #3 – Vidal Sassoon Black Stylist Travel Dryer

One of the most well known names in hair styling it’s always important to never ignore or rule out Vidal Sassoon. It has a cool shot button and two heat settings. Dual voltage mean you can use it abroad, and it’s long cord means you can wander around the room whilst drying, if that’s your thing. It does also mean that you have a long cord to try and fit into your luggage. Also, unfortunately it doesn’t have the advanced technologies that some of the other travel hair dryers have which make them great for your hair.


There are so many good quality travel hair dryers on the market that the above are just the tip of the iceberg. The above does contain the best products out there for you, and hopefully has given you some ideas as to what aspect you need the most from your travel hair dryer. Do you need a long cord to ensure you can move around the room, do you want Ionic or Tourmaline crystal technology, or do you require a Hot Pink hair dryer? Whatever your needs it is catered for above, but for the travel hair dryer which is the best all rounder with something for everyone we’d recommend the Babyliss Pro with it’s Tourmaline crystal technology, folding handles and compact look. Who could turn down the opportunity to dry your hair with rare mineral gems. Sounds like a treat every time you use it, so why not pamper yourself?