Top 4 Best Selling Flat Irons

Let’s face it, we all love our curls. However, as much as learning to embrace our natural hair’s texture is a valuable endeavor, a girl just got to go sleek sometimes. In any case, streamlined hair equals a streamlined life, or is it? Well, while that may be up for debate, one aspect that is for sure about straight hair is that it gives you that feeling of a flower child, a power player and a centerfold all at once. This is where a good hair straightener comes in. The best flat irons make hair smoother, causes less damage and works much faster than lower quality tools. The following are the top four best selling flat irons.

Product #1– Best Value: Karmin G3

This is the perfect tool for both professionals and amateurs. It features a semi-precious stone, 100% pure ceramic and an outstanding 100% pure black tourmaline. This flat iron has perfectly blended materials, letting its floating plates heat up in just 30 seconds with its temperatures rising from 120 degrees Celsius to 240 degrees Celsius.

This heat releases negative ions and infrared heat that will transform your hair into silky and shiny pieces.  Right from the first use, you will notice the work of the flat ion field technology used in the Karmin G3 flat iron that seals the natural oils of your hair, thus preventing it from drying up.

What features makes this flat iron unique?

The Karmin G3 Salon Pro Hair Styling Iron offers you unmatched versatility, especially considering its worldwide voltage of 100-240V. This lets you use your styler in virtually any country. This can only mean you no longer have to worry about incurring extra costs buying a new styler when traveling to another country. The drop-safe technology incorporated in this hair straightener means less frequent breakage or damage from mishandling.

The slim handle design offers you a perfect grip when working with it. This Pro Hair Styling Iron also features and automatic sleep mode and would automatically shut down after one hour. The last thing you would worry about when using this hair straightener is damaged hair. What’s more, it’s versatile enough to straighten, curl and even flip the style of your hair.

Smooth all the way

The first thing you will notice about this hair styler is how smooth its tourmaline plates feel. Unlike other low-quality hair straighteners that have rough plates and do not slide across your hair the right way, the Karmin G3 offers you’re a smooth ride all the way. This is because Karmin takes advantage of the heat and ionic technology that works perfectly with the mirror-smooth tourmaline plates.

The best bet for thin hair

Girls with thin hair often have a rough time working with hair straighteners. With the Karmin G3 Salon Pro Hair Styling Iron, getting flyways is now a thing of the past. This is because this Karmin product does not build up all the static that often time makes your hair look all frizzy. The infrared technology makes sure your baby-fine hair holds a style. With just one pass of the iron, your hair will be effortlessly smooth and silky.

Despite these benefits however, you will realize that its price is a bit on the higher side, something that may now appeal to low-end consumers. It also takes too much time on long hair and may damage wet hair. This notwithstanding, this is by far the best hair straightener you can have. Get out there and have one for yourself if you value the look of your hair.

1st Runner Up – Babyliss Pro BABP9559

BaByliss Pro has always impressed with its awesome products in the market. This is no different with BaByliss Pro Ceramic Flat Iron. Its ceramic plates feature and an outer covering of porcelain, thus giving you a shiny and smooth hair after straightening. This is the ideal flat iron if you love to save time on your hair straightening endeavor since it takes less than one minute to heat up to the maximum.

It comes with a power indicator, letting you know when the device is on and ready for use. You no longer have to worry about even heating since the ceramic plates with porcelain do the magic to provide you with amazing results. However, this iron is created from light plastics, making it much susceptible to breakage when dropped. This doesn’t become a problem anyway if you are careful enough when using it.

2nd Runner Up – CHI Original Pro Hair Straightener

This is a professional flat iron that promises salon quality work right at home.  No doubt your best chance to get silkier and sleek hair at home, right? This hair straightener is ideal especially if you love being creative with your hair. We can bet you will achieve almost every hairstyle you have dreamt of. It features a perfect combo of high-tech tourmaline technology and ceramic plates.

What’s more, this iron makes it much convenient to cope up with frizz through its negative ions. The infrared technology helps protect your hair from heat damage, thus leaving your hair naturally shiny. While some have companied that it is not of the best quality, it does work to produce satisfactory results. This is best especially if you are on a tight budget.

3rd Runner Up – Bio Ionic OnePass

Bio Ionic is a reputable top brand credited with creating one pass flat iron. This Iron promises to reduce your styling time to half. Its instant heating has seen most of its users get enthusiastic about using it. The revolutionized design and structure coupled with its ability to heat up in 5 seconds should be reason enough for you to consider it for your hair styling needs.

The Bio Ionic OnePass Straightening Iron features multiple settings thus giving you the versatility to set it based on your hair texture. However, this styler is a little expensive and there been cases of it pulling hair. Otherwise, this is a flat iron worth owning. You will be amazed at its convenience especially when straightening your hair.


You no longer have a reason not to get stylish with your hair. With these options at your disposal, it is high time you got the best for your hair. It is a fact that hair straighteners come in different sizes and specifications. To get the best, you will need to learn about your hair type and the style you want. This makes a difference is terms of speed and precision.

Our best pick and recommendation however is the Karmin G3 Salon Pro Hair Styling Iron. Apart from being affordable and convenient to use, it is practical for travels. The fact that it has an automatic sleep made makes it ideal for use even by amateurs. Nevertheless, you are free to get your preferred flat iron from this list. Each of them is equally good based on your preference regarding its specifications.