Transition with Ease by Fitting Your Car Seat into Your Sit and Stand Stroller

Transitioning from the car to the stroller can be a challenge for any parent dealing with more than one child at a time. This challenge can be simplified with a sit and stand stroller that accommodates a car seat. Being able to simply snap your baby’s car seat in place and be back on the go can also help prevent interruption of their all important nap time. But you may be wondering what type of car seat will work and how to manage the transition. The following categories will demystify the answer to what car seat works with a sit and stand stroller.

Car Seat Type

Not all types of car seat will lock into place on a sit and stand stroller. In fact, only baby carrier, infant car seats will work with this feature of the stroller.  According to baby trends you cannot interlock a toddler car seat or a booster seat to the stroller (Reference 1) When your baby is too big for the infant car seat, instead of trying to attach a toddler car seat, simply use the five point harnessed seat that comes built in to your chosen sit and stand.

Brand Compatibility

Some brands of sit and stands only work with car seats of the same brand. These brands often offer what they call “Travel Sets” or “Combo Set” that feature both the car seat and stroller in one package. However, most brands offer car seat compatibility with the majority of their competitor brands (Reference 2). Cross-brand compatibility allows buyers to choose a brand different from that of their car seat without the added expense of buying a new car seat.


The piece that is needed to attach a car seat to a sit and stand stroller is a car seat adapter. Not all sit and stands come with this pice, but the attachment is sold separately by several companies. The adaptor locks into place over the seat side of the sit and stand and then the infant seat locks into place on top of the adaptor (Reference 1).

Choosing a Seat notes that one of the drawbacks of most models of sit and stand strollers is that they do not include sun shades. With the absence of a built in sun shade, when deciding what car seat will work best with your sit and stand, you may want to choose a seat that has a shade attachment. Also, keep in mind that sit and stands are more narrow than other types of double strollers and an infant carrier with thick tufted sides may look out of place (Reference 1).  The best car seat for your sit and stand is going to be the one that suits your child, budge, style, and of course the restrictions of your specific brand of sit and stand, but by knowing what won’t work, and what your options are, you can narrow down the field of choices.


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