What Guitar Accessories Do I Need

Accessories have a huge bearing on your guitar performances or learning process as a beginner. While some are as simple as being there for convenience such as strap and strap locks, others like capo and picks are directly involved in your performance. Accessories that you need depend on your level of expertise. Some beginners may find cables and stands a bother, but a trained guitarist knows how important it is to have them. Let’s have a look at accessories that cut across all guitarists.

The pick

Chances are you’ll be picking or strumming at one point. Guitar picks or pick holders are one of the most important accessories. They can be of varying material or thicknesses, and the choice is up to you, depending on your strumming frequency. If you strum a lot, go for thicker picks because of the strength and ability to pick individual strings.


This comes in handy even for beginners when you are required to play cords that you are not familiar with. This device is placed on the guitar neck to change the pitch of the open strings. You can use the Capo to alter the key of a song so that you can transpose songs that are normally hard. It is a great asset for singers because you can change the key of the song right away to enable you find the matching key for your singing voice.

Extra pair of strings

You need spare strings all the time. Whether you are performing in a new city or you’re in a middle of practice, a missing string is the most inconvenient thing that could happen to a guitarist. Strings also break at the most inconvenient of times.

A guitar tuner

You’ll find this extremely useful especially if you’re a beginner and planning to play with other people. It will help with your tuning so it becomes a mindless habit, and help you work on your sound and nurture your good ear. And the best part about it is that it’s inexpensive.

Strap and strap locks

A strap helps keep the stability of the guitar and enables you to perform comfortably in a crowd or concert. You can get any strap of your choice depending on the weight of the guitar. A padded one tends to be more comfortable for heavy guitars. Buy strap locks if you are considering standing up while making use of the strap.

A Metronome

A good internal clock is as important as a good ear. Today, almost all expert studio musicians and those using in-ear monitors during performances are going for metronomes. They are good for you whether as a beginner or an expert player.

A guitar rag

Most guitarists overlook this part. You need to keep your guitar clean. Most importantly, you should wipe the strings to get rid of the finger oils because they corrode the strings while reducing their shelf life. The rag could be anything; an old diaper or an absorbent small towel from the shops.

Guitar winder/cutter

This is required for changing the strings of your guitar. When you are buying an extra pair of strings, don’t leave them behind.