What To Look For When Choosing A Sit & Stand Stroller

One of the common (and over looked) aspects of becoming young parents is how to shop. Having children is a big step in a marriage. At times it can be overwhelming with so many products biding for attention. But the biggest concern is finding products that will make early parenthood easier. Not to mention helping them feel safe.

When looking for a stroller, there are several points to consider. It’s best to understand what fits your needs. For example, here are things to consider when purchasing a stroller. Is it for shopping, traveling, or exercise?

One of the highest quality Graco strollers on the market is the Ready2grow Click Connect LX Stroller. This thirty-nine pound stroller can accommodate children from four to fifty pounds. It’s great for twins or younger siblings.

A Growing Family

With 12 different riding options, the kids will fall in love with the Graco’s twin stroller. The two-position stroller allows for two infant car seats, each fitting snuggly and comfortably. Each rear-facing position allows more interaction with each child.

When looking for a stroller, sometimes it pays to look at the obvious – the name. This stroller was created for the family either with a new addition or one expecting. The custom design has the growing family in mind. With the rear standing position, toddlers up to three years old can stand comfortably in the stroller.

Enjoying the Different Seat Positions

Each seat comes with its own benefits. The front seat has a multi-position reclining seat. This too is ideal for older kids as it allows them to lean back in a comfortable position and enjoy the ride. This seat can accommodate children up to 50 pounds.

The rear position bench seat is perfect for sitting. Or, once the seat is removed becomes a standing platform for older children. The child can face either direction with plenty of room to move around. This seat also accommodates children up to 50 pounds either standing or sitting.

Each of the seat positions is compatible with all Graco Classic Connect car seats and has either a three or five point harness for extra safety. The car seat snaps in position locking the seat keeping it stationary in the stroller.

Folding with Ease

Easily stroll and store with the one-hand folding design ideal for the lone parent traveling with the kids. A key benefit to this stroller is how easy it is to fold from the standing position. No need to bend over and pick up this stroller. Once folded, the stroller stays upright ready storing. No matter if it’s in a vehicle or the corner of the house, the compact design allows for easy storage.


The storage area under the travel seat is easy to reach and large enough to store important travel essentials. Simply raise the bench seat and access the bottom storage area. Other comfort accommodations include:

  • A collapsible umbrella helping to keep the sun out of the child’s eyes.
  • A removable child’s tray with cup holder allows easy access to favorite drinks.
  • To the rear there is a hidden parent’s on the go tray carry another drink.

Performance Benefits

Another key feature is the double stroller’s lockable front wheels. This feature allows greater maneuverability. Lock the wheels in the forward position for straight line distances. The stroller is also great in tight places. All you do is lock either one of front wheels in position to help get out of tight corners.

Your children will fall in love with going out in this stroller due to the front suspension and large wheels. This feature helps the double stroller maneuver through rocky terrain. Not to mention smaller holes and cracks found in many public sidewalks.

Luxury, Comfort, and Accessibility

The bottom line, the Ready2grow double-storller is ideal for the growing family on the move. With its ease of assembly, and even easier usefulness, the double stroller can accommodate even the most discretionary families.

The rugged design continues to stand the test of time proving its longevity in the marketplace. As you move into parenthood, make sure you know what you plan to do with your stroller. The doubles are convenient as you can keep both children strapped in and safe – all within an arm’s reach.

No matter what your need, the double-stroller is a great companion for the family on the move. Nothing is more important than a family’s safety. And Graco has taken safety, comfort, function ability, and convenience into consideration in this double stroller. If you’re looking for quality customer service, you can register your stroller on their website. This way you’re notified as soon as and safety alerts or recalls are sent out.