Why Use a Recumbent Exercise Bike

If you’re looking for a good stationary bike for your workouts, you’ll have to choose between two main types: upright bikes and recumbent bikes. Working out with either bike is sure to boost your fitness levels—the results are quite similar. You will, however, experience greater comfort and safety if you choose a recumbent bike over an upright one. A significant difference is that riding a recumbent exerts less stress on the hips and knees.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of using a recumbent bike:

More muscles targeted

Riding both upright and recumbent bikes helps build thigh muscles, buttocks, and lower leg muscles. We also get a leaner body mass. A recumbent bike targets muscles in a way that is slightly different from regular bikes. A recent research study shows that when you ride recumbent bike, more muscles are targeted compared to when you exercise with an upright bike. Recumbent cycling also strengthens our heart and lungs, thus improving the body’s ability to effectively oxygen.

Safety and comfort

A recumbent bike, unlike regular bicycles, has a larger seat, lower height and great back support. If you are a patient with impaired mobility, recumbent cycling will offer you more advantages when it comes to cardiovascular and muscle trainings. An upright bike on the other hand only comes with a small seat with nowhere to lean, and because requires an upright posture, is less comfortable. In fact, some people complain of buttock and back pains because of the tiny seats on these bikes.

Recent research has also established that the hips and knees experience less strain when cycling on a recumbent bike. Recumbent bikes are designed to be lower to the ground, making it easier for the weak and elderly to get on and off them. Due to its low center of gravity, a recumbent bike improves the ability to hold an emergency brake without flying over the handlebars. You are therefore less likely to get involved in an accident when cycling on it.

Extending your workouts

Due to its high level of comfort, a recumbent bike feels easier to use over extended periods. It is also easier to stick to your workout plan when using a recumbent bike. You can work out for a longer periods as don’t have to deal with bodily strains of all kinds. If you experience back and butt pains after a cycling workout, you are less likely to jump on the same bike for the next exercise. We are often advised not to go on with a workout exercise if it risks leading to medical complication such as severe back pains.

Increased strength and better weight management

Cycling ensures that the large muscles in our thighs, legs and buttocks work to build a leaner body mass. Recumbent cycling is recommended for rehabilitation exercises meant to help the elderly recover step-up and sit-to-stand motions. Also, if you are thinking of shedding off some weight, consider cycling on a recumbent bike and you will definitely burn calories without too much strain.